Schneider Downs Audio Clips

Business Advisors
Joel Rosenthal

What should you look at if you are considering buying a company?
What is Forensic Accounting?
What are some common Fraud Schemes?
What are some common Fraud Indicators?
How can Financial Modeling help a business?
What are the reasons to get a valuation of a company?
What methods are typically used to conduct a valuation of a company?
What are some key areas that are considered when doing a valuation of a company?

Schneider Downs Corporate Finance, LP
Schneider Downs Corporate Finance, LP is a registered broker/dealer. Member FINRA/SIPC.

Peter Lieberman

How does a buyer determine how much my business is worth?
What is a seller note?

Schneider Downs Technology Advisors

Patrick Armknecht

What are the signs that my software is not meeting my company’s needs?
What should I look for when selecting a technology vendor to handle a software implementation?
What are the keys to a successful software implementation?

Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors

Nancy Skeans

What is my best option for funding my child’s college education?
How much should I have in an emergency cash fund?
Should the surging budget deficit create concerns about inflation?
Should I pay off my mortgage before retirement?
Should I borrow against my retirement savings to pay for my child’s college education?
What is a reasonable return expectation for the stock market?

Beth Lynch

What happens if I don’t have a will?
Do I need life insurance?
What are the current FDIC insurance limits for my bank accounts?
What is dollar cost averaging?
What is a CFP?

Timothy Adams

Is my business filing returns for all tax types due?
Is my business taking advantage of state tax credits, incentives and grants that may be available?
Is there a way to mitigate or limit taxes owed due to non-filing?
Is my organization holding any unclaimed property?
What is Fin 48 for Private Companies?
What do state budget deficits mean for your company?
What are tax amnesty programs?