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Enjoy a windfall for real property constructed or purchased in a prior tax year or in the current tax year.

If you built or purchased real estate but did not have a cost segregation study, you now have a valuable opportunity. An IRS procedure now allows you to deduct depreciation amounts that you are legally entitled to, but did not claim, entirely in the tax year in which you complete a study. This could be due to erroneous property classification as a 39-year depreciable building, for example.

Our cost segregation consultants possess the engineering expertise and the necessary tax compliance skills to perform a cost segregation study and let you accelerate tax depreciation deductions, reduce taxes and increase your cash.

Cost Segregation Benefit Analysis

To receive a free analysis of your property and to find out if you can benefit from a cost segregation study, please complete the brief information request form, and we will contact you.

Cost Segregation Benefit Analysis Request Form

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