Expatriate Tax

Tax Considerations- Employee Checklist

This document will provide general expatriate tax information to the employee (i.e. what are the U.S. consequences of working overseas) and specific country tax information, such as the local country taxability of employer provided items and general tax structure.

Country Tax Briefing- Employer Checklist

This document will provide the company with a general overview of the local country tax structure, including permanent establishment thresholds, treaty applicability, payroll tax considerations and other pertinent items. We will also provide a commentary regarding local country taxation of benefits, options, etc.

Expatriate Tax Briefing (Meeting prior to departure)

We will arrange to meet with departing employees to review the local country and U.S. tax considerations related to their assignments.

Form W-2 Gross-up Calculations

We can work with you and your payroll department to calculate current year W-2’s including amounts for grossed-up benefits, thereby minimizing the need for amended returns.

Hypothetical Tax & Equalization Calculations

These calculations will assist the company in maintaining expatriates’ tax neutral positions. We will work with you and the employees to calculate hypothetical tax (so that the appropriate amount can be collected from the employees) and we will “true up” that calculation after the U.S. returns are filed. We will work with you to establish acceptance and sign off procedures, in accordance with the Internal Revenue code and other regulations, and so that the company and the expatriate are in agreement over the calculations.

U.S. Federal and State Returns

We will provide U.S. tax compliance services to eligible employees.

Local Country Tax Returns

We will coordinate with local country service providers to ensure employees’ compliance with filing requirements.

Tax Consulting Services

Additional services will be provided on an “as needed basis” at our normal rates.

Local country consulting services will also be available at local country rates, which vary by jurisdiction.