SD inSITE Employee Expense Entry Module

How much does it cost your organization to reimburse employee expenses?  Consider the time it takes to fill out a spreadsheet or paper expense form, have it approved, reviewed by accounting, entered into accounts payable (or payroll), filing documents and receipts?

There is a better way!

SD inSITE Employee Expense Entry

  • Web-based, electronic form
  • Accurate reimbursement for mileage; based upon your rules
  • Attach scanned receipt copies - truly paperless!
  • Automated workflow for supervisor and accounting approval
  • Business rules to make sure expenses conform to policies
  • Automated interface to accounts payable or payroll - no re-keying or error checking

Work smart!  Save time!  Save money!

  • Save time for employees and accounting
  • Eliminate paper
  • Electronic file of both expense forms and receipts
  • Use the inSITE expense reporting software to take the hassle out of expense reimbursement