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Employee Time Collection Overview

Is collecting employee time sheets more of a hassle than it should be?

SD inSITE offers a variety of different methods of payroll time sheet reporting that allows you to provide your staff with the simplest and most effective method of time collection possible. Options as simple as collecting just the date and number of hours to collecting comprehensive project based details inSITE has a time collection screen that best suites your organizational needs (and your users’ abilities).

The right time entry interface for your employees makes all the difference in the world, but it is not the only consideration. Providing an easy to use interface helps eliminate the age old adage of “Garbage In = Garbage Out”.

Centralized administration of work codes and projects ensure that your staff has access to only what they need; no more, no less. Eliminating confusion increases the accuracy of time entry, which means less time required to verify the data before it goes to your payroll or accounting system.

Using inSITE for project based time collection also allows for the automatic distribution of labor hours across various projects eliminating the need for time consuming time allocation procedures.

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Employee Expenses Overview

Are employee expenses costing you too much time?

As with time entry, employee expense entry can be more difficult than it needs to be for your staff, supervisors and accounting personnel. With a multitude of codes to remember, changing mileage rates and late or missing receipts, getting employee expenses recorded and approved can be a nightmare. SD inSITE is based upon the premise to keep all steps in the process simple. We build upon of the idea of easy to use employee inputs, smooth interfaces and centralized management to provide a simple, yet effective, expense entry and approval process that your staff will embrace.

SD inSITE can use either electronic or paper receipts to match the needs of your organization. Employee mileage reimbursements for mileage are based on the date an expense was incurred (not when it was entered submitted).

SD inSITE also allows for the use of the same set of project codes used in time entry to make expense entries in SD inSITE. This allows for the consistent allocation of expenses across the appropriate cost codes.

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Document Portal Overview

Is it difficult for your organization to share important and sensitive documents?

While the Internet provides a new level of connectivity it also opens the doors to a host of new security concerns. One of those concerns is the distribution of sensitive documents.

While E-Mail gets things to the right people quickly it also opens up the door for loss of control. SD inSITE can provide you with a new level of security when it comes to the distribution of documents across the Internet.

The Document Portal in SD inSITE allows for the secure distribution of sensitive and important documents. The document portal allows for the distribution of documents to specific users or groups of users and includes functionality for tracking document usage and making sure documents are not available before or after you require them to be.

You can reduce the time it takes to distribute information and improve the level of security surrounding sensitive documents.

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inSITE Performance Review Overview

Are employee evaluations a mountain of paperwork?

Employee evaluations are important; and you should treat them as such.

Traditional evaluation systems create mountains of paper that get manually distributed to the organization. The review and approval process can be cumbersome and time consuming.

SD inSITE helps reorganize and re-optimize the evaluation process by leveraging both the workflow created for time and expense approval and the easy to use SD inSITE interface. SD inSITE offers personal and supervisor evaluations, peer evaluations and project-based evaluations that allow for internal and external responses.

All evaluation information is kept in SD inSITE where it can be reviewed at a later time or simply kept on file for historical purposes.

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