Other Business Advisory Services

PRIMARY CONTACT: Joel Rosenthal CPA, CVA (Pittsburgh)

The Schneider Downs Business Advisory Services team is committed to assisting clients with critical business decisions by applying our insights, providing innovative solutions and leveraging our experience in each unique situation. We work with our clients to provide strategic consulting and analysis tailored to meet their individual needs.  Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to undertake a variety of projects for our clients, including:

Financial Modeling and Analysis

The Schneider Downs Business Advisory team has performed and developed numerous types of financial analyses and models for use in a wide range of applications and industries. Our team has the ability to customize and execute each project based on the client’s specific needs and requirements. 

Back Office and Financial Close Studies

We have assisted middle-market and public companies in analyzing their back-office functions in order to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for cost reduction.  Additionally, we have evaluated financial close cycles and processes in order to help our clients condense the monthly, quarterly or annual closing cycle and improve efficiencies.

Cost Control Services

If you are not effectively controlling the costs in your business, then you are not controlling your business. Effective cost control is essential in managing a stable and profitable organization. Our team of experienced business professionals can work with you to analyze potential areas of cost savings through better cost controls.  There are both visible and hidden costs in your organization. Let Schneider Downs shed some light on the opportunities to reduce these costs throughout your organization.

Productivity Consulting

Are your business processes efficient and driven by a sense of “value” or “productivity”? In today’s competitive landscape, all of your processes need to be “lean and mean” in order for you to stay competitive and profitable. Our experienced operations consultants can assist you in determining which processes are working and which ones are not. By examining the entire process from start to finish, we can assist you in identifying process bottlenecks, system weaknesses, lost time, rework, and a wide variety of opportunities to eliminate waste. We can provide ideas and recommendations on how to improve your processes, and in turn improve your business.