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The Importance of Accurate Business Modeling

Being able to accurately develop projections and financial forecasts is a critical financial planning skill for business owners. Purposes of developing ... read more >

Economic Volatility Requires a Higher Level of Consideration Regarding Industry Risk

While the national and global economies remain unstable, business owners need to thoroughly evaluate where they fit in their industry in terms of risk factors when determining the value of their company. Industry risks could have either a positive or negative effect on value based on an analysis of the company’s industry risk.... read more >

Experts Provide Value in Damages Litigation

Hiring a qualified damages expert can be a key factor in the outcome of litigation. Damages experts provide accomplished opinions on the appropriate amount of damages suffered by a party in litigation. Marisa Gentile provides background information on the role of experts in damages litigation.... read more >

Weathering the Recession - Benefits of Donating Company Stock for Estate Planning Purposes

The current economic climate may make the time right to consider the benefits of donating company stock for estate planning purposes. Marisa Gentile reviews the current tax exclusions for gifts per person.... read more >

Dealing with Goodwill Impairment

Impairment charges generally relate to the deterioration of the general economic environment, decline in a company’s share price, decline in market capitalization and adverse financial market conditions. The current economic environment has had a significant overall impact on reporting entities. Marisa Gentile provides a summary.... read more >