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Strategies Regarding Real Property Disposals

Computing gain or loss on the disposition of real property requires a thorough review of many items. Generally, gain or loss is calculated simply as proceeds ... read more >

How Do You Compare?

Often, our clients are interested in knowing how their financial results compare to industry standards of companies of similar size. By performing and ... read more >

Can Real Estate Professionals Deduct Rental Losses?

Generally, rental activities are treated as passive activities. Passive activity losses are generally permitted to be deducted to the extent of passive ... read more >

Cap Rates and Real Estate

Gennaro DiBello explains the use of the term "cap rate" in the context of the sale of a commercial rental property.... read more >

Who Bears the Personal Federal Income Tax Burden?


By Gennaro DiBello

Gennaro DiBello shares a few intriguing tax statistics from the IRS. As 2010 shapes up to be a fascinating year with expiring tax laws and proposed legislation, it will be important to stay current on any changes that may affect you or your business.... read more >