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The Changing Landscape of Qualified Retirement Plans

Plan Sponsors continue to be faced with the pressure of overseeing a “successful” retirement plan for participants and beneficiaries. How “successful” ... read more >

Plan Sponsors: Still Think Your Retirement Plan Is Only About The Investment Menu?

While the DOL fiduciary rule now has a full compliance date of January 1st, 2018, generally, the applicability date was June 9, 2017. Regardless of this ... read more >

College Savings Strategies

I am often asked by clients if and how they should save for their children’s education and what vehicles they should use to do so. While a 529 plan ... read more >

What Is Your Retirement Planning Strategy? (Crossing your fingers does not count!)

401(k) Plans

By Kyle Zeller

According to a recent study by Teresa Ghilarducci, a professor of economics at the New School for Social Research, 75% of Americans nearing retirement ... read more >

Utilizing Automatic 401(k) Enrollment

A common 401(k) problem that many companies face on an annual basis is failing the nondiscrimination test, which results in highly compensated employees ... read more >

401(k) Plan Review: It's a New Year...Start with the Basics

Now that the holidays are over and we are all back into the swing of things, now might be a good time to review your retirement plan before it goes on ... read more >

Is Your 401(k) Plan Still the Benefit It Was Intended to Be?

As employers continue to battle through tough economic times, and dollars and staffs are stretched to the limit, having talented and hard working employees has never been more important to companies than it is right now. Trying to attract new employees can be a struggle as well, and employers need to make sure they are ahead of the curve in the benefits offered.... read more >

529 College Savings Plans and Investment Strategies

College costs have been on a steady increase for the last decade resulting in a near doubling of the total outlay for a four-year undergraduate degree from just ten years ago. As a result, student loans have become a virtual necessity for most families as they plan for college costs. Unfortunately, an escalating number of college students are graduating buried in student loan debt.... read more >

401(k) Participants Benefit From "Bottom-Up" Service and Attention

As the federal government threatens to rain down more retirement plan regulations, plan sponsors would be well advised to take preemptive action regarding ... read more >