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Yahoo Bans Telecommuting. What's Your Company's Policy?

No matter your stance on the subject, it is likely that Marissa Mayer’s recent announcement revoking Yahoo’s telecommuting will impact how ... read more >

Tips to Impress Recruiters and Get the Job You Want

It’s summer, which is a great time for college students to think about how to jumpstart their careers. Schneider Downs is here to help, and we are ... read more >

Ohio State and Ohio University Switching to Semesters

The advice The Ohio State University and Ohio University gave to incoming students two years ago was, “Make good choices now so you don’t experience ... read more >

Dangle Your Company Carrot

Typically, when we hear the word “carrot,” we think of a crunchy, orange vegetable, or something our mother made us eat in order to get dessert. Switch gears to the business world, and your CEO may refer to it as a reward offered for desired behavior – an inducement. Simply put, a carrot is something used to inspire and motivate an employee.... read more >

Holiday Etiquette

Many of us will attend a variety of parties and get-togethers this holiday season. Some will be casual and low key; some will be formal and require a little more restraint. Either way, we could all use a brushup on some basic rules of etiquette. Natalie Donovan shares her tips.... read more >