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Does a Bucket of Water Make an Impact?

If you have been on social media and/or the Internet in the past few weeks, you will notice a plethora of videos being posted of the same exact thing. ... read more >

Name One Thing That Americans Fear More Than Death


By Veronica Bucci

If you guessed public speaking, you are correct! Nearly 74% of Americans report that they suffer from speech anxiety. If you are a working professional ... read more >

Addressing and Implementing Risk Management

Risk management. A common phrase, but what exactly does it mean? Not-for-profit organizations encounter unique issues when tackling the implementation ... read more >

Over $33 Million Raised for Allegheny County

As a part of the Schneider Downs United Way of Allegheny County Committee in our Pittsburgh office, I had the pleasure of attending the annual Celebration ... read more >

Everybody Get fitUnited!

The United Way of Allegheny County has officially launched their new and exciting initiative, fitUnited, and Schneider Downs is proud to be a part of it! ... read more >

Marketing Intern at an Accounting Firm?

In our latest from the Intern Insight Series, Veronica Bucci shares her experiences working as a marketing intern at a firm known for accounting.... read more >