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Significant Investment in the Appalachian Basin's Shale Play

Recently, Royal Dutch Shell announced it is moving forward with a planned ethane cracker project slated for Beaver County, Pennsylvania. The potential ... read more >

An Update on Ohio Oil & Natural Gas Activities

Much has been said in the news over the last year about the decline in the oil and natural gas industry in Ohio. The most significant factor impacting ... read more >

Happenings in Ohio's Utica/Point Pleasant Shale Drilling Industry

It has been an exciting and active few years in the Ohio oil and gas industry, whether you are a landowner, driller, producer, supplier or in the professional ... read more >

Current Activity in Ohio's Utica/Point Pleasant Shale Play

The first four months of 2012 have seen significant activity regarding the Ohio Utica Shale play. In addition to the dramatic increase in permitting and ... read more >

Uncertain Tax Positions - A look back


By Jay Meglich

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued interpretation 48 (FIN 48) in June 2006 with effective dates for public companies of fiscal years ... read more >

What You Need to Know About Debt Restructuring: A Debtor's Perspective


By Jay Meglich

Due to recent economic conditions, many entities have sought to modify the terms of their debt agreements to allow for cash flow improvement. Conversely, ... read more >

Asset Retirement Obligations and the Impact on Oil and Gas Financial Statements

Once upon a time, oil and gas-producing companies would look at estimated salvage value from production equipment as compared to estimated costs to plug ... read more >

Vendor Versus Sub-Recipient

Not-for-profit enterprises serve an organizational mission that differs from a typical business bottom line. Nevertheless, in many functions, they operate much like for-profit enterprises, with key differences.... read more >

Financial Statements from a Surety's Perspective


By Jay Meglich

Traditionally, the basic financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows, receive the most attention from users of financial statements such as owners and lenders. A surety, on the other hand, is most interested in the contractor’s financial statement disclosures, as well as the accompanying supplementary schedules detailing contracts completed and contracts in progress.  ... read more >