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Living The Dream


By Faith Dempsey

I had just turned 17 when I walked into my first college accounting class. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but was excited for a new opportunity ... read more >

Misconceptions v. Reality: My Internship Experience

For many, the word “internship” brings to mind images of young college students grabbing coffee, sitting around bored, and doing busy work ... read more >

My Summer 2018 Internship Experience

Starting a new job is an experience unlike any other. It makes a person feel simultaneously nervous, excited, hopeful, and anxious, whether it be a cashier ... read more >

The Path You Choose Will Lead to Your Success


By Matt Slaby

Welcomed. As soon as I walked off the elevator and onto the 17th floor for training, that was the feeling I received. From day one, the firm treated me ... read more >

Hands-On Learning Experience


By Nick Seiler

In high school, where I first decided I wanted to go into accounting, I was not really aware of what a public accounting firm did. While studying at Pitt, ... read more >

Real World Application


By Laria Moore

College does not prepare you for the real world in the way you would expect. The unlimited number of homework problems you have due and vocab words you ... read more >

12 Simple Words

This fall, I will be entering my fifth year at Penn State to finish my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting and, in a few short weeks, ... read more >

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone


By Lauren Johnson

During the past year, everything that I knew to be normal was completely changed. Not only did I find myself at a new Penn State campus with over 40,000 ... read more >

How Accounting Found Me

From an early age in life – around age five or six – kids start being asked what they want to do when they grow up. It’s an innocent ... read more >

Stepping Stone for My Marketing Career

Throughout my college career, the importance of getting an internship was reiterated time and again by many of my professors. Internships can lead to future ... read more >