Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing services are designed to assess the security of an organization by mimicking real-world cyberattacks using advanced skills, tools and techniques. The objective of our methodology is not only to identify critical issues, but evaluate whether vulnerabilities and other potential misconfigurations are actually exploitable, and what risks they ultimately represent in an organization’s overall IT security posture.

A penetration test will help your organization build resilience against cyberattacks and prioritize vulnerability remediation efforts.

Detailed Approach to Penetration Testing

Schneider Downs’ security professionals take a holistic approach to penetration testing. We simulate the actions of a real-world attacker and attempt to exploit vulnerabilities, misconfigurations in critical systems or lapses in employee judgment/training to gain access to sensitive data and systems. Our team of experienced professionals are experienced in identifying security gaps that hackers currently use, and anticipate the avenues hackers are likely to exploit in specific situations.

Our comprehensive penetration testing approach is constantly updated to keep pace with an ever-changing threat landscape. This approach is built to provide your organization with not only sound tactical recommendations, but thought-provoking ideas on how to improve your security posture strategically over time. Our testing team will work with you to identify your goals and will execute an overall testing strategy based on our experience and training. Our cybersecurity professionals will be in constant communication with your team during the project lifecycle to ensure immediate notification of critical risks uncovered and to provide knowledge transfer.

Ultimately, we will deliver a detailed report with findings and actionable recommendations that are documented, and describe verified vulnerabilities for systems, applications, operating systems, hardware, devices and any other components that are in scope.

Why Choose Schneider Downs as Your Penetration Testing Partner

  • Experienced Team: Our team has performed countless assessments for a wide variety of companies and we recognize that possessing technical skillsets alone isn’t what makes this exercise valuable. Our experienced professionals have the knowledge and expertise to know when to apply the right methods and toolsets, depending on each unique situation, in order to deliver the most valuable results.
  • The Mind of a Hacker: We have invested heavily in our penetration testing methodology to ensure that our tactics mimic the methods of a real-life attack. We realize the approach many other providers take of running automated tools to discover vulnerabilities, followed by mass automated exploitation attempts, is both risky and negligent. To differentiate ourselves from this substandard approach, we constantly evolve our penetration testing approach to ensure your organization achieves a realistic and meaningful test, with actionable results.
  • Tailored Assessments: We understand the “one-size-fits-all” penetration test approach is not acceptable for clients who take security matters seriously. The flexibility of our methodology allows us to adjust methods and tactics on the fly as information is revealed.
  • Diagnose True Risk: Our deliverables are easy to understand, and recommendations are truly risk-based. The report you will receive is handcrafted to identify key cybersecurity issues at macro-category levels. We condense our findings into a straightforward format, while additional technical details are provided in appendices and separate files.
  • Comprehensive Insights: Our goal is always to address the critical risks to your organization, whether identified or unknown. Our comprehensive methodology is designed to develop a plan to address those identified risks but also shine a light on the unknown. To do this, we incorporate methods like social engineering, in tandem with a multitude of manual and automated tactics and tools based on what we learn about your organization and systems as we advance through the test. Given this approach, we often uncover risks that others miss or overlook; our clients testify to that.

Benefits of Working with Schneider Downs

  • Collaborative process is a beneficial training exercise for IT personnel
  • Immediately increases organizational resilience against cyberattacks
  • Real-time validation of key security controls and assumptions
  • Build a prioritized tactical punch-list to guide cybersecurity efforts
  • Increased end-user security awareness
  • Peace of mind