SD inSITE Time Entry Module

SD inSITE makes time entry and time approval fast and efficient.  Enable your staff and supervisors to be more efficient, eliminate errors and automate getting the data to your payroll, billing and Human Resources systems.  inSITE provides an easy-to-use, paperless time entry process that your staff can use from any Internet-connected web browser.

SD inSITE Time Entry software provides:

  • Automated time entry,
  • Supervisor notification when time is ready for review,
  • Increased efficiency for your staff,
  • The ability for staff who travel or work from remote locations to report time accurately,
  • Drop-down tables that ensure the correct charge codes are used, and
  • Ability to have staff only charge accounts for which they are authorized.

Time entry can be in different formats based on your organization's needs:

  • Time clock - clock in, clock out.
  • Time entry by project.
  • Time entry by client and activity.
  • Time entry by shift - what was the employee doing in each time period.
  • Time entry by pay period.

inSITE Time Entry includes work-flow to automate the process of approving time and getting it into your various software packages.  Our electronic interfaces include:

  • Payroll processing - Paychex, ADP, etc.
  • Billing systems
  • Accounting - for cost allocation

For additional information, please contact Patrick Armknecht at 412-697-5386.