Transportation & Logistics

PRIMARY CONTACTS: Daniel Phillips CPA (Pittsburgh), Michael Renzelman CPA (Columbus)

At Schneider Downs, we go the extra mile when it comes to serving clients in the transportation and trucking industry. More than 20 years ago we established the Schneider Downs Transportation and Logistics Industry Group. The group includes assurance, tax, technology and management consulting professionals who combine their individual expertise to serve our wide range of transportation and logistics clients, from local carriers to national enterprises, including: Trucking, General Freight, Flatbed and Box TL, LTL, Tank Waste Brokerage, Bulk Commodity Dump, 3PL, Heavy Hauling/Permitted Loads, Moving and Warehousing. The Transportation and Logistics Industry Group meets on a regular basis to review and analyze issues central to this industry. As a result, our Transportation and Logistics professionals posses the most current knowledge of transportation issues, regulations and trends. We work with you to seek innovative ways to reach your strategic goals.

Services We Offer to the Transportation and Logistics Industry